In the spirit of those that have come before me, I have decided to pick up this blogging one more time.  In many ways I feel that I am at a crucial juncture in my teaching craft: I can settle for mediocrity or strive to do things differently.  I want this place to serve as a place to look back upon my development from who I am to who I will be.

This summer is offering me the first real chance to think deeply about what (and how!) I am teaching.  I get to teach a lot of the same classes again next year (and classes I like to teach, at that), so I am loving going back over my material to take it to the next level.  My recent work on my Algebra class has been in two areas – Standards Based Grading and incorporating some more math history.  New idea of the day is The Story of Mathematics assignments.  Every unit the students will write a story about a mathematician who contributed to our topics of study.  For the first time since starting at my school I feel I have a plan of attack for approaching math classically. Needless to say, I pumped.

Plus, WCYDWT idea number one:  Ever sit at a stoplight, watching for when your turn signal lined up with the one in front of you?  Least common multiple baby.  A humble start, but I’m ready to go buy a Flip and get going.


2 thoughts on “Introductio

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I find it hard to limit my blogging to a particular topic, but if I had a blog for each topic I wish to blog about I’d have a huge number of blogs. Nonetheless, my eclectic blog is a ton of fun… for me, at least. 😀

  2. There is a direct relationship between the magnitude of turn signal frequency difference and the amount of mental discomfort I experience.

    Although, I take immense satisfaction when two turn signals hit their common multiples and blink/click at the same time.

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