Been a while…

I’ve been reading blogs as much ever, but haven’t gotten around to posting much…ever. I guess I haven’t really been excited about how my classes are going…but that is another story.

I’m really throwing up this post to hang out there a lesson I did which was a personal remix of this lesson on introducing the limit definition of the derivative.  The students work through the following geogebra files, messing around with secant lines,

  1. First geogebra
  2. Then this one
  3. Finishing with

All the while using the following worksheet.  I tried to word the questions to really get them thinking limit of slope of secant line.  Not only that, I got them writing lines of tangency and graphing them. I think I like introducing derivatives graphically – its gotta be the easiest of the modes to really hook understanding on first. Check out the worksheet:

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Standards Based Grading (SBG), one semester in, has been a mitigated success.  I feel its been a success for me (I can’t imagine ever going back to regular grading systems).  That being said, I’m not sure I’ve conveyed it well to the students…if you took a poll of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of them didn’t identify that I’m doing something different.
  • What Can You Do With This (WCYDWT) – ummm… Let’s just say that the few times I’ve tried to bring stuff into my classroom…well…I won’t be doing those things again.  Nothing worse than realizing you’ve wasted a whole class period (or two).  I’ve got to figure out how to help the students generate their own questions better.  I will say, though, that one of my classes spent three days last week modeling a bouncing ball, and all I did was pose the question.  So that’s something, I guess….
  • Blogging. No time like the present?

You know what?  I actually feel a little better for writing this up.  Cleared my head a bit.  I need more of this.


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