Day 16

Physics: Force table challenge! Michael Vela (our brilliant woodshop teacher) had his class make this for me. Normally they have all the angles marked off on them – but I didn’t have time before class to do it, and now I’m not going to! Giving the students the opportunity to make the abstraction (thanks Dan Meyer) carries such value. Though the challenge does not differ from the problem set they have been working on for a few days, the burden of creating context increases rigor significantly.

Math: Did some bingo review of adding negatives. Talked about ‘math vision’ vis a vie negative coefficients. The 2nd class was a bit unruly – I have been too lax with them, and now I have to pay the piper.

On another note: I may be heading up to MI in October to go to a Society for Classical Learning retreat. I was invited by a colleague I’ve met at SCL, and I’m really excited to develop more relationships with classical educators from around the nation. Its moments like these where I see myself being here for quite some time.


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