Day 2.16

Math – sloppy lesson. Flaccid is perhaps the word. (Thought poor days like these were decently good days my first few years of teaching, so at least the improvement can be appreciated)

Physics – More labbing! I’ve been better about consistently adding analysis of errors to my labs this year – a small thing, and yet significant over the course of the year. I recall not thinking highly of the effectiveness of labs in my class last year. Its adjustments like these that will eventually get them to where they need to be.

On another note, two of my OG 7th graders gave their senior thesis presentations today. The titles were “Soul Between Synapses: The Importance of Humanity Beyond the Brain” and “Violent Desires: Luke’s Account of the Crucifixion and Resurrection”. Such a great opportunity I wish I would’ve had in high school.


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